{3:23} Photography started as a little dream that the Lord turned into a huge reality for me.
From as long as I can remember I was the girl who always had a camera in her hand.   My room was plastered in pictures of my friends, my family, and my childhood pets and as I grew older, my love for photography never changed.  In the back of my mind I always dreamed of learning the tools of the trade of this amazing love and passion I had for taking pictures but as always, life happens.  The Lord had brought this incredible man into my life and we married in 2005,  we welcomed our son in 2007.  I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease in late 2007, and welcomed our second child, a daughter, in 2010.  I was happy and content with my role as wife and stay at home mom.  I happily dedicated my life to my family.  Making sure everything I did was for them, I joyfully snapped away as our journey progressed.
Sometime in 2010, the Lord had me cross paths with Kate Fretland of Platinum Photography.  We were both young moms enjoying the same church, and we quickly became friends.  Katie, stared making comments about the pictures I was taking, “wow, great shot!” or “You definitely have an eye for this whole photography thing.”  She helped me pick out my very first DSLR and was so gracious as she sweetly answered every question I had.  She explained to me all the lens lingo and encouraged me whenever she had the chance.  Then on day she pulled me aside at a party and said three words to me that scared me out of my mind, “Ashley, you’re ready!”
Ready for what?  This girl, who I admired and looked up to, was telling me that I was ready to venture out of my comfort zone and start taking pictures of my friends families?  If you’re thinking that’s when I began my photography journey, you’d be wrong.  I chewed on that phrase…for almost a year.  I didn’t believe anybody other than my mother would think my pictures are good enough to have in their home.  I had no training.  I still  had so much to learn and I had no confidence in my work.  That’s when Katie stepped up the encouragement.  She told me that it was okay for me to have something for myself apart from my family.  She even let me in on a huge secret that even she feels like she has so much to learn.  That’s when I began to pray.
I asked the Lord to make it clear if this is a path I should pursue.  I constantly prayed that if this was His desire, He would start opening a door.  I especially prayed that if  He did open a door, that I would be brave enough to go through it.   I began to see God move in this area of my life.  He started opening door and giving my courage.  I started to rely on His direction and not my own.
In November of 2011, {3:23} Photography was no longer a dream and I was on my way to my very first session.  God was opening doors that I didn’t even dream possible for myself.  He continues to bless me and open doors and I give every bit of my photography victories over to Him.  While I STILL feel like I have so much to learn, I am thankfully taking pictures and I would love to take yours.
Ashley Piorun
And if you’re wondering what the {3:23} means in my business, it was named after Colossians 3:23:
“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord and not men.”